• The Aikido Travel Story

    In 2017 Michael was on a holiday to the Canary Islands where it turns out that there were 2 awesome Aikido seminars on while I was there, but since he didn't know about them during the planning stage he didn't get to go.  This project aims to fix that problem.

    After returning to Tokyo and seeing that there were a lot of Aikido seminars advertised on Facebook but all not in any order Aikido Travel got started to fix that problem.

    What needs to be done:
    Since Aikido events are popping up all the time, there needs to be someone locating and adding them into the system.  There needs to be a system to add them into.  

    So this will takes time to administer and hopefully Sensei from all over the world will start putting their own seminars up here for the benefit of the community.


    • Server hosting costs each month
    • Time spent not working on other things

    Ideal Goal:
    That anyone who knows about an Aikido seminar will come here and add it so the whole community will know.

  • Michael Ussher

    Michael lives in Tokyo and practice at multiple Aikido dojos, including the Aikikai Aikido World Headquarters, 5 days a week.

    When not in Tokyo he likes travel, hiking and attending Aikido seminars wherever he can find them.

    Michael's regular job is building the open source software system at jamroom.net which is the base CMS system this site is built on.

  • Isabel Planells Chicharro

    Isabel started Aikido 22 years ago in Germany, but she moved to Gran Canaria, where she nowadays teaches Aikido. Every time she travels somewhere she looks for dojos to keep practicing and learning.

    Because traveling from the Canary Islands to attend a seminar elsewhere requires a good in-advance planning, she is always looking for reachable seminars that she could attend.

    Isabel works remotely as an IT-consultant. She will soon start traveling across Europe in her camper van, while practicing Aikido.

  • Company Info

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    Company Name: MuKu LLC, ( 無空合同会社 )

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