Friendship Seminar with Sara Wang

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Oct 04 2019
Friendship Seminar with Sara Wang Cape Town Aikido, Above Build It, Entrance in Hout Street, 86 Buitengracht St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Sara Wang Sara Wang 3 Days
Sara (2nd Dan Aikikai) started aikido in 2006. She trains in Berlin under the instruction of Karl Ruben. Her main teachers are Endo Shihan, Jan Nevelius Shihan and Jorma Lyly Sensei, whose seminars she regularly attends. Sara has a background in meditation and Asian movement arts, including Qi Gong and various dance trainings.

Her emphasis is on a clear, playful and soft form deriving from a fine perception of one’s own body and mind, the partnering uke and the technique that arises in the moment between the two.

Fee: entire seminar R950, R300 per session

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