10th International Aikido Festival

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May 27 2020
Seminars are those events where we can see the varieties in techniques, make friendships, and above all, never forget to maintain our “beginner’s mind”. Under the influence of the speech given by Tamura Shihan in his 2009 seminar in Turkey, an international seminar was decided to be organized, where every single person can participate to follow his/her own path by practicing with many different practitioners from all over the world.

You are invited to the 10th Aikido Festival, organized annually since 2011 and directed by a successor of Tamura, Nebi Vural Sensei, in Turkey, the physical bridge between Asia and Europe, to experience this wisdom on a tatami, with sisters and brothers from all over the world.

Let us join together to experience: Peace on the tatami, Peace in the world.


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