Julia Wagner 3rd Friendship Seminar

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Sensei Aikido

Feb 03 2023
Julia Wagner 3rd Friendship Seminar Above Build It, Entrance in Hout Street, 86 Buitengracht St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Julia Wagner Julia Wagner 3 Days
Julia Wagner (5th Dan Aikikai) started Aikido in 1998 with Matthias Lange and has been training in Hamburg ever since. Her development was significantly influenced by Christian Tissier Shihan and his students, including Pascal Guillemin. The late Anita Köhler († 2018) holds a special place for Julia, having influenced both her aikido and her sword work. She has found further important teachers in Jan Nevelius Shihan and Jorma Lyly, who are now a great inspiration to her. Julia’s special interest is in combining clear form with intensive contact. Central points are communication as well as the efficiency of the principles. Julia has been an instructor at Aikido Zentrum Hamburg for over a decade and she regularly teaches seminars at other dojos.

Julia is a regular instructor and guest at Cape Town Aikido and we cannot wait to practice with and learn from here again!

Photo credit: David Segen

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